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Eco huile, regeneration of waste mineral oils

Since taking over the company in 1994, the performance of ECO HUILE has regularly improved thanks to major investment financed without any subsidies.

Since 2000, ECO HUILE has completely upgraded its industrial equipment to limit any discharges to a maximum, and it is now classified as a sustainable business whose economic benefit is obvious for the environment and whose existence is long-lasting.

ECO HUILE operates in Lillebonne, Normandy. Europe's largest plant with a processing capacity of 125 000 tonnes/year, which is equivalent to 50% of used oil collected in France, and marketed, after regeneration, to 10% of the French market.

With its up-to-date process of re-refining waste oils, ECO HUILE recovers more than 70% of the mineral oils contained in used lubricants.  Distillation residues are also valued for use in asphalt sealants or as alternative fuel.

Even polluted water contained in the waste oils are treated on the site through a treatment plant developed by ECO HUILE according to an original process with a treatment rate in excess of 99.5%.

ECO HUILE has large storage capacity and therefore the autonomy necessary for the operation of its production facilities.

The regeneration of waste oils is encouraged by the Brussels authorities which gives it priority over other methods of disposal.


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